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Change Log - Added Assassin Star's to the game
GOD Neil on Legacy
120 Elite Knight
on 2022-10-03 20:31:29
Added Assassin Star's to the game
Due to paladin is still less taken vocation, we have decided to add Assassin Star's to game, which can be bought from Atrad (requires an assassin outfit) or drop it from several creatures: Behemoth, Demon, Chimera, Hellspawn, Warlock, Mr. Punish, Dark Torturer, Quara Predator, Hand of Cursed Fate and Fury
8 Druid
on 2022-10-06 06:13:04
hit chance
the problem with paladyns is the hit chance, it cant be right if i fail 3 hits in a row to a rat with skills 80+, you dont have to add more ammo or weapons, just recalculate the hit chance and it will be perfect. :)