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New guild. Leader must edit this text :)
Legendary is guild leader of Dark Souls.
The guild was founded on on 9 October 2022.
Guild Members
Rank Name Info
WarLordLegendary268 Elite Knight
WarCaptainCaveira Cpe247 Master Sorcerer
Vei Barreiro222 Royal Paladin
WarEliteBlack Label381 Elite Knight
Forearm247 Royal Paladin
Malukim160 Royal Paladin
WarFighterBlack'Block160 Elite Knight
Caahzin (The Bloker)286 Elite Knight
Cigarrinhu (Ainnnnn)107 Master Sorcerer
Cilada142 Royal Paladin
Clara Crocodilo105 Master Sorcerer
Destroyer Avatar170 Royal Paladin
Didi Martins210 Elite Knight
Ferrite176 Royal Paladin
Hands105 Elite Knight
Haxixero106 Royal Paladin
Hell Hazzor114 Master Sorcerer
Japa Zerodezoito146 Royal Paladin
Mama Naminhacaseta99 Master Sorcerer
Narack Berserker103 Elite Knight
Narack Deathless226 Elder Druid
Narack Delirium263 Elite Knight
Narack Lionheart151 Master Sorcerer
Nath Ruts118 Elder Druid
Ryunosuke157 Master Sorcerer
Tio Patinhass117 Master Sorcerer
Xoxota Bronzeada173 Master Sorcerer
Ze Cuervo143 Royal Paladin
Invited characters
Name Information
Bolter115 Royal Paladin
Caud Cupom Ifood127 Royal Paladin
Cura92 Elder Druid
Dark Lolzim99 Master Sorcerer
Dog Shakur95 Royal Paladin
Ekzao204 Elite Knight
Mage Dasrave89 Master Sorcerer
Mah Milani141 Master Sorcerer
Mr Mago107 Master Sorcerer
Narack Vanz103 Master Sorcerer
Narack Yaura98 Elder Druid
Pitoquinho103 Master Sorcerer