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Announcements - Update!
31 Master Sorcerer
on 2024-04-25 20:56:03
Despite numerous arsons and devastation of human settlements, it was believed that dragons had to be revered. The local tribes of the sacred southern island made sacrifices from the oldest residents of the village. The tribe from the Peninsula even built the largest temple for dragons trying to gain their favor. All of this was in vain. The settlements were regularly raided and destroyed by enraged dragons without apparent reason.

The wild beasts of the island, where the last will of the creator goddess of the sacred island, Goddess Tibiasula, still lives, seeing this situation, decided to assist those desiring to live in peace. A territorial war broke out in the area of the temple. The largest alliance in history of nature's beasts faced the cruel dragons. With a vast numerical advantage, the Medusas and serpent spawns, supported by wild hydras and giant spiders, won a brutally fierce war. They killed the oldest dragon lord, taking over his most precious treasure.
The forces of nature forced the terrified dragons to flee, who in despair after losing their leader, destroyed everything in their path, leaving no human settlement standing. The dragons fled to the nearby mountains, which they are afraid to leave to this day. Sometimes in these areas, we can meet local nomads who know the old legends that are still passed down from generation to generation. Among the stories, one question often arises: Could the mentioned treasure of the dragon king really exist?

- Added new quest for Dragon Scale Mail: http://map.castabra.com/#zoom,17,position,32389,33082,11

Powerful warlock magicians, after a long and arduous development of new magical scripts, have traveled with a small detachment accompanied by demons to the outskirts of Edron. From there, they plan to use their newly crafted spells against the Edron Mage Academy, intending to test the limits of their sorcery and possibly seize control of the mystical institution.

- Added new spawn with Warlocks on Edron: http://map.castabra.com/#zoom,16,position,33338,31686,11

Changes are going to be applied with server save of 26 April!

We would like to invite you to our discord server https://discord.gg/4wPCNJ6, where you can talk with the entire support, propose your changes, conduct discussions and look for companions to play together!

Stay tuned for more updates soon!
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on 2024-04-30 20:10:53
Can you add more quest?
Hi Friend,
Very nice! but also please add more new place and quest:).