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Announcements - The Orc Faction has come!
GOD Neil on Legacy
118 Elite Knight
on 2024-04-24 02:06:53
The Orc Faction has come!
For a long time, in the areas of the World of Castabra, the Factions had bloody disputes with each other. Former alliances ceased to matter, and the words given by the parties ceased to be valuable. Age-old but extinct conflicts flared up again. Taking advantage of the confusion, the ugly creatures sensed the moment when they could become the power they always wanted to be, they had been in the shadows for a long time, watching the events, but the time for action had come. The brutal and untamed Orcs, under the command of the Orc King and his warlords who advised him, built their fortress in the swamps near the Holy City of Ab'Dendriel, which had belonged to the Elven clan for many, many years. The orcs have holed up behind the high walls of the fortress, producing more brothers ready to move for the glory of the race. They armed themselves and trained in battle so that in the near future they could take over the world, taking and using all who tried to oppose them.

Quest Spoiler: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C84q4nmWRP4

At a time when the city of Carlin was freed from the bonds of Thais, the brave Bella Bonecrusher gathered the bravest women under her command and together they created the Amazon Clan. Strong and independent women decided to close ranks to oppose the approaching danger. Until recently, their hiding place was shrouded in mystery, and it's all because the women, trained to survive in the most difficult conditions, attacked by surprise, leaving no traces. They were perfect hunters, so they knew their trade, and due to the hatred they felt for their enemies, they did not want to give them an advantage.

Until a group of orcs patrolling the area near the fortress noticed a moving caravan of a group of women. This group turned out to be a branch of the Amazons. Unfortunately, they were carrying a mysterious, legendary, precious treasure. The orcs, seeing the opportunity, did not wait a moment, but immediately rushed to the attack. Their goal was simple: track down, find, annihilate. After a hard and bloody battle, the scouts surrendered WOMEN and took over a unique treasure that contained the legendary Amazon Set, which was to be transported to the Amazon Vault. The orcs in glory and glory returned with him to the camp.

Since then, all the Amazons, led by Bella Bonecrusher, have sworn revenge on the Orcs. They promised that regardless of the losses incurred and the energy put into this goal, they would succeed and defeat the forces of green plunderers. However, the Orc forces were so powerful that the Amazons had no chance against the overwhelming numbers of the Orcs. When the case seemed to be lost, it turned out that the brave women were not left alone in the fight. The Elves, the eternal enemies of the Orcs, could prove helpful, they had enough strength to face the Orcs, but the Orc Fortess seemed impregnable.

But who would have thought that...
...the clever Bella Bonecrusher has made her way inside the Orc Fortress and has stolen the keep's secret blueprints. She kept that map tucked away in the Amazon Camp safe vault along with her other most valuable loot. The King of the Orcs has sent a message to the world about a reward for a daredevil who will help in recovering the stolen plans before they fall into the possession of the Elves. And as the treasure is precious, the reward for the help will be equally precious. This is how this fantastic adventure begins.

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