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Announcements - The Enigmatic Cursed Chests
31 Master Sorcerer
on 2023-10-14 12:37:06
The Enigmatic Cursed Chests
We would like to thank all players who have joined us here on Castabra. This unique server had managed to get 1700 players and we have hugely enjoyed seeing the start of everyone’s journey in this project.

Greetings, brave souls of Castabra! As we pledged from the onset, with today's server update, the legendary Cursed Chests have manifested across our expansive world. While embarking on your adventures, keep an eye out for these mysterious chests. Stumble upon one, and you'll be presented with a choice – to unveil a portal to a thrilling challenge arena!

Within this arena, you'll face multiple waves of ferocious monsters. Remember, commitment is key – once you enter, only victory or defeat will set you free. Triumph against these beasts, and the Cursed Chest will unlock, revealing its coveted treasures. Once you've secured your spoils, rest assured, you'll be safely transported back to your original location.

Here's a sneak peek of the challenges and treasures that await:

Tier I Challenge:

Monsters: bonebeast, demon skeleton, crypt shambler, necromancer, mummy, vampire, frost giant, barbarian skullhunter, barbarian headsplitter, barbarian brutetamer, barbarian bloodwalker, mammoth, acolyte of the cult, elder beholder, stone golem, fire devil, pirate skeleton
Possible Loot: noble armor, knights legs, dragon shield, knight axe, 2x bear paw, 2x wolf paw, 2x chicken feather, 2x brown piece of cloth, 2x white piece of cloth, might ring, bronze emblem

Tier II Challenge:

Monsters: ancient scarab, lich, elder beholder, necromancer, demon skeleton, dragon, crystal spider, frost giant, enlightened of the cult, nightmare, acolyte of the cult, adept of the cult, demon skeleton
Possible Loot: knight armor, crown legs, medusa shield, warrior helmet, fire sword, 2x iron ore, 2x honeycomb, 2x hardened bone, 2x yellow piece of cloth, stone skin amulet, might ring, minor token, bronze emblem

Tier III Challenge:

Monsters: terrible nightmare, dragon lord, demon outcast, destroyer, frost dragon, spectre, plaguesmith, hellspawn, bonedemon
Possible Loot: golden armor, crown legs, vampire shield, crusader helmet, giant sword, 2x ape fur, 2x holy orchid, 2x vampire dust, 2x blue piece of cloth, stone skin amulet, might ring, minor token, bronze emblem, silver emblem

Tier IV Challenge:

Monsters: behemoth, fury, warlock, freezemoth, dark torturer, hellhound, hellfire fighter, demon
Possible Loot: demon shield, royal helmet, hammer of wrath, golden legs, dragon scale mail, 2x fish fin, 2x demon dust, 2x green piece of cloth, 2x red piece of cloth, 2x behemoth claw, 2x demonic essence, stone skin amulet, might ring, major token, silver emblem, golden emblem

Brace yourselves for the adventure of a lifetime, champions! Seize the opportunity, confront the challenges, and claim the treasures that await!

Unfortunately, the Cursed Chest system has lagging the server and we had to revert the changes till 15 October!

Since the start we were updating the server - implementing minor and major fixes aswell as small updates, here is the list of things we did:

Added possibility to sell Focus Cape to Alesar
Added possibility to sell Composite Hornbow to Rashid
Added possibility to sell Wyrm Scale to Fiona
Added Wyrm task
Added Grim Reaper task
Added Scarab task
Added Larva task
Added Vampire Bride task
Fixed client crash issues while boosted creature appear on screen
Fixed client shaders issues
Fixed Bestiary so it's adding proper count to all party members, working exactly same as tasks
Pushed all server files into our new engine, which works properly in all of the aspects
Updated minimap in client
Updated Calendar with tasks
Added Cursed Chest tracking module

We are always working on the next development of the server and taking a very detailed strategy when deciding what the next update should be. We will continue to strive for perfection in every possible way so keep sending us your feedback as this is what helps us platform the perfect server for you, our players.

We would like to invite you to our discord server https://discord.gg/4wPCNJ6, where you can talk with the entire support, propose your changes, conduct discussions and look for companions to play together!

Stay tuned for more updates soon!