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Announcements - New world - Vitality!
GOD Neil on Legacy
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on 2023-10-01 13:55:58
New world - Vitality!
The planned start of the Vitality, the second world of Castabra will take place on 10 October 2023 at 17:00 BRT (22:00 CEST).

Over the past several months, we've been diligently working on Castabra focusing on its content and pushing the boundaries of innovation. In the upcoming edition, you can expect a plenty of enhancements and groundbreaking game aspects. Our team has been dedicated to ensuring that Vitality world offers a unique and refreshing experience, blending traditional gameplay elements with new and inventive features. We are confident that these updates will captivate our community and set a new standard for what's possible in the game.

Castabra is dedicated to players from all around the world. Thanks to our advanced network infrastructure, it doesn't matter where you're located, as you'll always have low ping and smooth gameplay. We have proven this in the last two editions of our server.

Daily Bosses

We have identified the need for in game content at all stages of the game and so we have developed 6 unique Daily Bosses! You can see below the different stages of difficulty;

Blaze the Havoc - Level requirement: 80+
Endless Frozen Eye - Level requirement: 100+
Eye of Destruction - Level requirement: 100+
Ophaniel the Undefeated - Level requirement: 130+
Ar'gazoth - Level requirement: 150+
Astaroth - Level requirement: 180+

There will be a dedicated locations where up to 5 players can enter and face a Boss with an opportunity to loot several prizes including our next huge update, Emblems. This feature enables you to kill up to 6 bosses (one from each difficulty) every 20 hours if your team is strong enough to defeat them all!


To further extend gameplay we have prepared a new system called The Forge. There will be three types of Emblems - Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each Emblem will give you the chance to upgrade a selected piece of equipment from +1 to +7.

Bronze Emblem - using a Bronze Emblem will enable you to upgrade from 0 to +3
Silver Emblem - using a Silver Emblem will enable you to upgrade from +3 to +5
Golden Emblem - using a Golden Emblem will enable you to upgrade from +5 to +7

To upgrade your selected equipment simply use your Emblem on the item.

Each Emblem can be used once giving you a maximum of +1 each time. You must keep your fingers crossed when using your Emblems at The Forge as sometimes your Emblem will fail to upgrade your equipment and as a result your item can be downgraded by 1! But don't worry, you will never lose your selected equipment. If you wish to give your item some extra protection you can find a Downgrade Protector from the in game store - this only protects you for 5 Forge attempts!

In addition to increasing equipment statistics, each item on level +7 gives +4% extra damage from spells!

You will also be able to convert your Bronze Emblems to Silver Emblem and Silver to Gold using The Forge Machine that will be located in +1 Thais Temple. Simply use the machine and add 3 of the same type of Emblem and click the Forge button.

This system has been expertly calculated and we can ensure maximum balance to your gameplay meaning absolutely no overpowered new custom items but a brilliantly manufactured upgrade system. The team have submitted hundreds of hours testing and we have refined this precise new feature to perfection.

Cursed Chests

We have developed a system that generates Cursed Chests at random locations within the game. When you encounter one of these chests, you'll have the option to open it, revealing a teleportation portal. Upon entering this portal, you will be teleported to a challenge arena where you'll confront several waves of monsters. It's crucial to note that once you step into this arena, there's no turning back until you either defeat all the monster waves or meet your demise. Should you successfully overcome the challenges, you'll be granted access to unlock the Cursed Chest and claim its bountiful rewards. After securing your prizes, the system will then teleport you back to the location from which you initially entered.

To give some clarity on the burning questions we know both our EU community and BR/USA community will have, we would like to inform everybody of a few hot topics about the server:

There is NO PZ on boats or carpets
PVP enforced (the same as Castabra previous worlds)
Anti noob char system for War
Exori Vis is following target
Shared exp bonus for each different vocation in your party (a maximum of 60% extra for all 4 vocations)
Tasks will be for Money only, no EXP tasks
Frag system (please see Server information)
No overpowered custom spawns
No overpowered custom items

We would like to invite you to our discord server https://discord.gg/4wPCNJ6, where you can talk with the entire support, propose your changes, conduct discussions and look for companions to play together!

Vitality world has been structured and designed to meet the current player requirements and all in all give back to the community something you have all been waiting for.

Experience Stages
From LevelTo LevelMultiplier

Skill Stages
From Skill LevelTo Skill LevelMultiplier
Magic Rate:3x
Loot Rate:2x
This server has all the ingredients to be a long term success, whilst offering the most exciting experiences every single day. Prepare your friends, prepare your teams as we look forward to this phenomenal adventure!