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Announcements - Patch!
31 Master Sorcerer
on 2022-11-22 12:11:35
With today's server save we have implemented very first version of an ANTI-PVP INTRUDER system and we want to warn you - that the system is not as perfect as we want it to be, however many of you were asking for such a thing and there was not enough time to prepare anything better - but, you can be sure that system will be definitely improved.

The player who completes the requirements below, will be able to kill characters that have 50% or less of their level without punishments for both sides.


The player must be a member of a guild.
The player must have 6 or more members of the same guild on the screen.
The player and the guild members must be level equal or more than 50.


The player must not have any Skull.
The player who is being protected by the system, will not lose experience or level in case of death in the conditions above. The Character will only be teleported to the temple.

ATTENTION: Players who abuse of the new system by killing weaker players just for fun will have their account banned for 7 days.