Announcements - Improvements!
31 Master Sorcerer
on 2022-11-19 02:58:17
With today's server save we have been implemented:

New spawn with Skeleton Warriors,16,position,32559,31647,13
New spawn with Terrible Nightmares,16,position,33027,32309,9
New Spawn with Heroes,16,position,32463,31835,7
Added missing items on the market
Added new tasks: terrible nightmares, demon outcast, medusa, skeleton warrior
NPC Chailer after completing the Orcs Faction will from now buy all of addon items for 10% more of their regular prices and all types of gems
Manafluids are now properly counted in Loot Statistics
Removed ability to turn into a custom creatures using Creature Illusion spell

Additonaly as you can already see above, we have launched web map view on Castabra. Aswell as minimap in-game client has been updated.