Announcements - Patchlog!
GOD Neil on Legacy
104 Elite Knight
on 2022-10-05 03:00:07
Dear players,

As you all know Castabra is a bot-friendly server, however since the start many of you were requesting blocking the PVP scripts. We are currently working on prevent usage of these scripts, however we cannot guarantee it will happen within a day or two. For that reason, we have decided to temprorary limit these most overpower functions as much as we can, untill we don't implement the correct protection.

From tommorow's server save which will take a place on 5 October you'll be exhausting on equiping Stone Skin Amulets, Energy Rings and Might Rings for one second per equip.

Additionaly, we have been receiving a lot of reports from RPG players - that war players are killing everyone without limit, means the current frag limit was bit too high. Due to that, we have decided to decrease amount of frags as follows:

- You will receive a red skull after killing 3 players within 24 hours (16 hours if you are a premium account player)
- You will receive a black skull after killing 6 players within 24 hours (16 hours if you are a premium account players)

We believe that these changes will help both of player types - these war and these rpg.

We are doing our best to deliver you the best product and listening to every case individually.

Best regards,
Castabra Team.