Announcements - Updates!
GOD Neil on Vitality
104 Elite Knight
on 2022-09-17 15:57:01
Fellow Castabrans, it's been a while since our last news on this page however it doesn't mean we stopped or were not working on improving our server. During the last week, we were hard-working on game updates as long as minor or major bug fixes which we would love to share with you now.

We were receiving lot of reports that our Mobile client is not user friendly - you were not able to move your inventory, map, containers and whatever else to wherewer you want. We have reworked some of the functions which from now will let you do things mentioned above on mobiles. We also have been receiving a reports that the client cannot be installed on specific mobile phones - we were testing it and found a solution, from now on our mobile download section you will see two clients, if one you have downloaded will not work for you, please try second one - one of these will work for sure! In the near future we are planning to automaticly detect your mobile and let you download the correct one instantly!

People were reporting us some of PZ bugs on some Buddel spots - it shouldn't be a problem anymore. Additionaly, we made sure that all of the footbridges, carpets and all of the rest boat things don't have same issue - you won't find any PZ bugs on these anymore!

On Monday server save another custom spawn that will contains new custom Orcs is going to appear! These creatures has been designed for all of the vocations with levels 80 and above - however if you feel strong enough, nothing stands in the way to try hunt them even on the lower levels! The spawn might be found on the southern area of Thais.

We sincerely hope you enjoy our updates. We put a lot of work, heart and effort into them to make them interesting and addictive for many players. Remember that your opinions and suggestions are important to us - without you, we would not exist.

We would also like to invite you to our discord server, where you can talk with the entire support, propose your changes, conduct discussions and look for companions to play together!