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Announcements - Updates!
GOD Neil on Legacy
120 Elite Knight
on 2022-09-08 15:21:38
In today's news, we would like to share with you informations about the things we have been working on over the last few days, as well as those that will be introduced in the near future.

We have been receiving a lot of requets from players about Svargrond. At the beginning of the creation of Castabra, our assumption was to keep the original 7.92 content and possibly develop it with custom content, however due your expectations we have decided that Svargrond will appear on Castabra on 8 September at 18:00 BRT - but so you all know, it will be the only addition city that is going to be added on the server. We wants to develop our own things with our own way - which is working on current game places which has been forgetten.

With today's server save we have been implemented a brand new custom spawn with Toxic and Venom Spiders. The spawn has been designed for levels 80+ and might be found somewhere on the Plains of Havoc surface. In addition to the spawn itself, you will also find the quest inside from which you will receive exciting prize! We won't be spoiling the place, so hit the road explorer!

Update of the client has taken a place today aswell, please do not forget to update it everytime the update is released. This will help you avoid problems related to the game.

Due to game client update, we have received several reports that you have lost your bot configs, that shouldn't happen anymore however if you want to restore your configs you will have to follow this instruction:

In the Search Bar on your Windows Toolbar, type %appdata% and press Enter. Go to OTClientV8 directory and find Castabra_v6. Copy the bot directory that is inside and go back to OTClientV8 directory, find Castabra_v8, go inside this and paste your bot directory inside. Please remember that you have to do that with closed client, otherwise the client is goiing to overwrite it.

We are always working on the next development of the server and taking a very detailed strategy when deciding what the next update should be. We will continue to strive for perfection in every possible way so keep sending us your feedback as this is what helps us platform the perfect server for you, our players.

We invite you to use our very active discord - https://discord.gg/4wPCNJ6.

Stay tuned for more updates soon!
White Hat Wizard
135 Elite Knight
on 2022-09-09 00:42:55
Great job guys! Looking foward to see what the future gonna bring to the server, so far I can only see nice stuff coming in! Please create the maximum as you can, maintaining the old school play style. Quests are always very welcome!

Warm regards,

White Hat Wizard.